Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

1) If one is said to be ‘invincible’ can one also be ‘vincible?’

2) When I graduated college, no one had heard of ‘AIDS’ or ‘The internet’ or ‘Cell phones’

3) If, over the course of many years, you have replaced every last piece of your car, is it still the same car?

4) Why are so many people intent on “making the bed” in the morning? It’s just going to get messed up immediately after they go to bed. Does it make them feel like they’re in a hotel?

5) It really bugs me when someone says that something is “very unique”. Or “irregardless”. Or “preventative” It just does.

6) When in college, we had no ‘classic rock’ radio stations. We….we WERE classic rock

7) I hate it when filling out an internet form, and they have a drop-down menu for the year you were born, and I have to scroll down and down and down.

8) Are there really morons who need their beer can to tell them when the beer is cold?

9) Do Starbucks employees, who make reasonably complicated drinks, really need a 7 step set of instructions on how to was their hands?

10) Why are CDs and DVDs so damned hard to open?

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  1. I see the Doctor is in deep thought. GREAT stuff!!